Wholesale casting grain is available in 10K white gold and yellow gold.  14K casting grain is available in yellow gold, white gold, green gold, red gold and greenish yellow gold. 18 karat gold casting grains are available in yellow gold, 18K white / nickel, 18K white gold / palladium, 18K green gold, 18 karat red gold. Sterling Silver Casting Grain is available in sterling silver tarnish resistant and Argentium silver casting grain, available in 935, an anti-oxidizing, anti-fire scale sterling alloy that is extremely tarnish resistant.  Platinum casting grain is available in 90/10 and 95/5 Platinum / Iridium. 14K Extra (X) White gold Casting Grain and 18K Gold Extra (X) White Casting Grain and palladium white casting grain are now also available to purchase online.

The most important element of casting grain is consistency.  The consistency of color in casting grain, the consistency of performance in casting grain and the consistency of results in casting grain are all the goal of G&S Metals manufacturing procedure for casting grain.

Casting Grain Gold Casting Grain Palladium Casting Grain Argentium Silver Casting Grain

As attested to by our jewelers, our casting grain colors shine.  Our casting grain prices are competitive and our selection ever growing.  We strive to produce casting grains in a  variety of color and casting grains in a variety of karat with the same consistency of performance whether they are casting grains in yellow or casting grains in white, or casting grains in red, or casting grains in green.  White casting grains in 14K and 18K and our new no rhodium necessary white casting grain is consistently being reordered.   We also have 10K casting grain produced with the same consistency as all the others.

Platinum casting grain in 90/10 and platinum casting grain in 95/5 round out the white casting grain picture on the higher end.

Argentium silver casting grain, the newest white silver casting grain to win wide accolades is the whitest of all the casting grains and is available in Argentium 935.

Extra white 14K Casting Grain and Extra white 18K Casting Grain contain a higher nickel content than traditional white casting grain but do not require Rhodium plating to achieve a good white color.

Palladium white casting grain offers a more radiant white than White Gold, as well as many of the desired characteristics of Platinum without Platinum’s price point.

Whether your needs require traditional 14K yellow casting grain or no-rhodium plated 14 Extra White casting grain and Palladium white casting grain, you’ll find the casting grain of your choice ready for immediate shipping at G&S Metals.



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