Metal Prices: Silver $16.74 Gold $1266.36Plat $927.11

Prices based on London PM Fix (Last Updated: December 15, 2017)

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Gold Filled Mill Products

14/20 gold filled mill products available in rose and yellow gold. Get the appeal of 14 karat gold at a fraction of the price.

Gold Filled Mill Products

Gold Filled Mill Products

G&S Metals gold filled mill products are all14/20 gold filled, so 5% (by weight) of the gold filled is 14 karat gold. Whether you're looking for round wire, double sided sheet, single sided sheet, square wire, or half round wire G&S Metals and Refiners has it available and ready to ship. We also carry select gauges of wire and sheet in rose gold filled. When soldering gold filled material, it is G&S Metals recommends using our 14 karat paste solders.