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What We Refine

Our refining container, filled up and ready for refining!

Thank you for your interest in G&S Metals for your refining needs. For your convenience we have compiled this list of items we commonly refine, as well as some of the more common items that our refining process does not accomodate.  If you have material that you are unsure about, please do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about your material.

Your confidence in our honesty and integrity speaks for itself. To begin refining with G&S Metals and Refiners you will need to register as a refining customer, and don't forget to include a refining shipping form with your refining.

We strive to exceed your expectations and ours.

What We Refine

What We Do NOT Refine

 Argentium® Silver Automobile Parts

(including catalytic converters)

 Carpet Cadmium
 Dental Gold Computer Parts

(including circuit boards)

 Floor Sweeps Cyanide Stripping
 Gold Bullion

 (including bars and coins)

Dental Amalgam
 Gold Filled Material Electrical Contacts
 Karat Gold Filings & Sweeps Eye Glass Frames
 Karat Gold Solids Gold Flake
 Karat Gold with Stones Gold Plated Scrap
 Platinum Mercury
 Polishings & Filters Plating Solutions
 Silver Bars Shiny Rocks or Sand
 Silver Filled Material Silver Nitrate
 Sterling and Fine Silver Watch Bands
 Watch Batteries (oxide only) X-Ray Film