Silver Refining, Argentium Silver Refining, Silver Scrap, Argentium Silver Scrap and Silver Exchange

Thank you for choosing G&S Metals as your refiners for your silver refining, Argentium silver refining, silver scrap and Argentium silver scrap. Your confidence in our honesty and integrity speaks for itself.  We continue to strive to meet your expectations and ours.

Precious Metal Refiners

G&S Metals and Refiners accepts sterling silver scrap and Argentium silver scrap for refining. Sterling silver refining is a major part of the Silversmith's shop management, and with silver prices soaring, silver scrap produces a profitable return. G&S Metals and Refiners also refines sterling silver flatware, sterling silver tea sets and other items made from sterling silver or Argentium silver.


Silver scrap can also be exchanged for product, 1 TO silver bars or G&S Metals and Refiners will purchase the silver and send you a check.

G&S Metals and Refiners "pay for product" with our silver scrap exchange program is a great benefit to our customers. Investing in 1 TO silver bars is another vehicle for your silver scrap and a wise choice considering the increase of silver.


What We Refine  What We Do Not Refine
Argentium Silver Cadmium
Carpet Computer Parts
Dental Gold Cyanide Stripping
Floor Sweeps Dental Amalgam
Gold Bars Electrical Contacts
Gold Coins Eye Glass Frames
Good Gold-Filled Gold Plated Scrap
Karat Gold Filings & Bench Sweeps Mercury
Karat Gold Solids Plating Solutions
Karat Gold With Stones Silver Nitrate
Platinum Watch Bands
Polishings & Filters X-Ray Film
Silver Bars  
Silver Coins  
Watch Batteries (oxide only)*  
Silver Scrap Buy Credit Account
Argentium Silver Solids 90% of Ag 90% of Ag
Sterling Silver Solids 90% of Ag 90% of Ag
Fine Silver Solids 90% of Ag 90% of Ag
Filings 80% of Ag 80% of Ag
Silver Bars / Silver Coins 92% of Ag 92% of Ag

Refining Bench Sweeps

Solid silver scrap has stolen the limelight and our focus. So I want to remind you to pay attention to your “silver and Argentium silver bench sweeps”. It is imperative that cleaning your bench, your lap tray on your bench and even the floor around you on a daily basis, becomes an integral part of your shop management. Silver bench sweeps and Argentium silver bench sweeps can be very rich in metal and yield as much as 33% of their weight. A nice profit at the end of the month!

Refining silver bench sweeps is a different process than refining solids. We request that you collect your silver bench sweeps in a container and keep them separate from your silver solids. We will provide a container at your request. Silver and Argentium silver bench sweeps take approximately one week to refine.

Platinum Scrap Buy Credit Account
Platinum Solids 90% of PT 90% of PT
Platinum Filings 70% of PT 70% of PT

When to Refine
Timing of your refining can be crucial to your profitability.  Refining too often with too little scrap can be costly. Refining too infrequently hoping that metal prices will escalate could be disappointing.  It all depends on your business and the amount of scrap you generate.  Most shops find a rhythm for their refining which proves most profitable for them.

Packaging Your Scrap for Shipment

  • Double plastic bag and seal your material securely.
  • Place into a secure box along with your identification (please include your customer ID #).
  • Use G&S Metals’ pre-labeled containers (free for the asking).
  • Ship via Registered or Insured mail to ship to G&S, P.O. Box 1432,
    Ann Arbor, MI 48106.
  • Insure for the estimated value.
  • FedEx and UPS will NOT deliver to a P.O. Box.


To estimate the value of your scrap requires various formulas depending on the Karat, weight and gold price.

Example: 100 dwt's or 155.5 grams of 14K scrap
100 dwt x .58% = 58 dwt - divide by 20 = 2.9 T.O. of 24K x AU price ($800) = $2,320 = your estimated value for insurance purposes.

Filings would use the same formula and on an average yield 33%, therefore you would use .33 for your multiplier.

Processing Schedule

  • Clean material takes 24 hours.
  • Filings and bench sweeps takes 5-7 working days.
  • Platinum & Palladium assays take 7-10 working days.
  • Polishings (filters, emery, etc.) takes 12-14 working days.
  • Karat scrap for stone removal takes 14-20 working days.

Separating Your Scrap for Refining

Metal separation is to your advantage.  Use the following as a guide.

  • Karat Filings:  This group includes filings, grindings and snips.  For quicker processing, keep excessive wax materials out of your scrap.
  • Karat Solids:  All karats and colors of gold may be combined for gold refining.
  • Dental Gold:  Combine with solids.
  • Polishings and Sweeps:  This includes emery, floor sweeps, filters and paper towels.
  • Platinum:  All scrap containing platinum.
  • Silver and Argentium Silver: Silver scrap may include Argentium, Sterling Silver and Fine Silver and should be kept separate from other metals. Any combined silver and gold scrap should be included with your gold groups.
  • * Watch Batteries:  In order to get credit for watch batteries, they must be packaged separately.
    We buy silver oxide batteries. Under 3 lbs $17/lb.