Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap metal refining should be an important part of every jeweler's shop management. Obtaining the best value for your scrap metal is imperative and requires some education.

The advantage is yours when you send your scrap metal to a trusted Refinery like G&S Metals who has been in business for over 50 years.


Advantages of using a reputable refiner like G&S Metals, Inc.

  • Some scrap buyers will offer you 92% or 94% which actually means that they are charging 8% or 6% to buy your scrap metal.
  • G&S Metals also removes stones and returns them to you in mint condition.  Minimum fee is $50.00
  • G&S Metals will base your settlement on a homogenous sample taken from your scrap metal and only your scrap.  Drilled samples are not reliable.  The value of your scrap metal will be based on a scientifically analyzed assay.
  • G&S Metals charges a scrap metal refining fee which calculates from 2% to 5% for solids and filings of your metal with a 99% accountability based upon your volume.
  • What this means is that G&S Metals pays 97% to 94% for your scrap metal.
  • The advantage you have with G&S is that your solids are meticulously evaluated and if platinum scrap is found, you are given credit for it.  Scrap buyers don’t do this.
  • You are also given credit for any platinum scrap that we may find in your gold filings scrap.  This happens frequently.
  • Polishings can be assayed for gold, silver and platinum.
  • The advantage you have is buying mill products or findings and receiving a 2% discount when you use your scrap metal as a credit on your account.
  • The advantage you have is we buy clean silver scrap without a refining fee.
  • The advantage you have is that we buy clean platinum scrap without a scrap metal refining fee.
  • The advantage you have is paying your metals bill with your scrap metal.
  • The advantage you have is receiving payment with product, 24K or a check for your scrap metal.   
  • The advantage you have is we accept any quantity of scrap metal.
  • The advantage you have is you can sell your scrap at a future London PM fix
  • The advantage you have is that you are dealing with a corporation that has a long-standing impeccable reputation in the industry.
  • The advantage you have is we do our own refining and there is no middle person.

So don’t be fooled by percentages (%) - scrap metal fees can be written many ways and the results you receive for your scrap metal will depend on the integrity of the refiner.

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