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The G&S Metals Picture Showcase!

The G&S Metals Picture Showcase is our way of featuring the creativity of our customers use of G&S Metals’ products. Our showcase is an invitation to you to show off your exquisite pieces and link to your website. G&S Metals will display your pictures in appreciation of your support. Size, karat, and material do not matter!

In order to submit pictures for inclusion in our Picture Showcase, please email your choices to G&S Metals. Include details of your pieces in your email, and a link to your website.

You will be featured in our Picture Showcase, and your name with a link to your website will be added to the listing below.


PictureShowcase Insert

Currently our Picture Showcase features pieces from the following artists! We look forward to adding yours!



Lisa Smerza Betsy Lehndorff Naturally Nickel Free
Jennifer Wong  Scott Berry Classic Violins
Richard Locke Chris Difani Brian Schider
Artisan Sea Glass RusticFORMen Hot Rox Custom Jewelry
Urban Jewelers Lost Pond Studios Frank K.
Leah Shenandoah Renee Gibbons Deborah Flanagan
Chelsea Whitcomb Torrie Veit Laurie Union
Kristin Perkins Sandra Chavis Deborah Brooks
Biljana Stewart Earnest & James Jonathon Stopper
Larry Dallas Matt Spata Pat Daugherty
John Allison Kirk Runyon Jake Klingle


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  1. Thank you for featuring my jewelry here on your blog!! Your support of artisans who use your refinery means a lot to me, thank you!! I will say this once again because it’s the truth, your company is the very best to deal with, you take every order no matter how small & treat it with the same love & care as any big orders I have placed. In this day & age it’s such a pleasure to have a company such as you to take care of the rest of us so very well, thank you!!

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