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About G&S Metals

G&S Metals has been in the precious metals business since 1954 and is family owned.  We enjoy a reputation of integrity and reliability offering quality products and friendly service at competitive prices.  G&S Metals continually strives to stay in stride with our dynamic customers and a fast-paced world.  

Our customer has always been our driving force and our product development and expansion is customer based.   Our refining division has been expanded to keep pace with our ever growing refining base with new refining and analysis equipment to expedite our refining process and better serve our customers. 

G&S Metals is a full service refiner offering you choices for your settlement.  When you use your refining results to buy product, you enjoy a savings of 2%.

Our product is constructed to our customer’s needs and 98% of our orders are shipped the same day unless it is a “made to order” product.

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