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Frequently Asked Questions



 What is the difference between Sterling silver and Argentium® silver in settings?

The most important difference is that Argentium® silver can be hardened, which should increase the durability of the setting. One hardening procedure is to use soft sheet and then heat it in an oven for 2 hrs. at 572º F or longer at 428° F. Argentium® is harder than standard sterling when it is work hardened as well. 

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Platinum vs White Gold

Perhaps the most frequently asked question is, "What's the difference between platinum and white gold?"  First of all, they are two completely different metals with very different properties.  Platinum is softer than the gold used in jewelry.  Because of this, platinum does not stay bright and shiny.  For this very reason, some people prefer it to white gold, as in a very short time, the platinum takes on a satin-less-like finish with a brushed stainless color.  On the other hand, white gold is hard and therefore, keeps its luster longer.  The price is the other factor although gold and platinum are closer in price range than they once were. 

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We Are Frequently Asked About What's Refinable

Please refer to our chart on our web site in Refining and then follow the Golden Rule of "Keeping It Clean".  Gold dust clings to clothes, bottoms of shoes and permeates the air.  To entrap these particles may take a little effort but the return on your effort will be worth it.

  • To prevent washing the gold from filings, buffings and other operations down the drain, provide "shop aprons".  Thin leather with a smooth surface is preferable but expensive.  As an alternative we've found aprons made from TYVEK with a Polyethylene coating to work well.  If you use fabric aprons, however, send them in for refining and not home to be washed.
  • Clean out your lap tray frequently - if you use a paper towel to wipe off your bench, refine it.
  • Vacuum your shop daily. Refine your vacuum cleaner bag.
  • Keep a small rug by the shop door to collect gold from shoes. Refine it!
  • When you change your filters in your polishing machines, refine them.
  • If you renovate your shop, wash down the walls. Refine whatever you've used to wash them with.
  • If you replace your carpet - refine it.

At G&S Metals and Refining it doesn't cost extra to refine any of the above, but it will be profitable for you. See our Refining Fees table for more information. Visit our Refining page for What We Refine

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My Gold Jewelry Turns My Skin Black.  What Causes this and How Can it be Eliminated or Minimized?

The problem stems not from the gold in the jewelry but from the corrosion of the metals that are used to color and increase the strength of the gold.  Those metals are silver, copper and nickel. It may also be caused by a high acidic level in your system or an allergic reaction to one of the additives.

Some common solutions to alleviate a blackening issue are to increase the amount or karat of the gold (Gold is inert) or electroplate pure gold or rhodium onto the piece.

Unfortunately, the jewelry piece will have to be remade from dental alloy but initial production of the piece for customers who have this problem is an excellent solution.

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 How do I order online?

We believe our site is very intuitive and will lead you through the ordering process.     However, if you do have questions, please call G&S Metals at 800-852-3860 or email us at Orders not place on our web site will not be shown in your web order history. G&S Metals does not require a minimum dollar amount for your order, though some products do have a minimum required.


How do I order Findings on your site? Please select the link for complete instructions!

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 What if I do not wish to use the online cart to order?

Call us or email us at and we will gladly help you place an order. 

Called in orders will not show up in your on line order history. 

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 How do I register as a customer?

Returning customer's of G&S Metals, please do not re-register with a different email address. Use the link below to prompt our web site to send you an email to the email address you registered with to update your password and customer information. If you did not recieve the email to reset your password, please contact the office at

You will be invited to register as a customer at check out after adding items to your shopping cart. During registration a customer ID will be sent to you. Please make note of your customer ID and password.

 You may also use the Refining Registration form to register as a customer. Once you've obtained a customer ID, you will be able to place your order with us online, over the phone, or via email or fax.

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What methods of payment does G&S Metals accept?

G&S Metals and Refiners accepts:



Discover Card

American Express

G&S only accepts credit cards issued by banks in the United States and Canada.

We also accept payment via PayPal. G&S will invoice you through PayPal once your order is packaged and ready to ship. Once your PayPal payment is recieved, your order will be shipped. 

Wire Transfer from all customers (please be aware that additional fees associated with Wire Transfers will be included on your invoice.)

G&S Metals does not accept:

Money Orders

Non-Authorized Personal Checks 

For more information please read our Payment Policies.

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Who do I contact if I have a question?

You may call us, email us at or tweet us

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What are your hours/When are you open?

G&S Metals and Refiner's regular hours are from 8:00am until 5:00pm EST Monday through Thursday. On Fridays we are open from 8:00am until 2:30pm EST. Closed on the weekends. 

Follow us on social media for any unexpected changes in hours due to circumstances beyond our control. 

Closed on the following holidays when they fall on a weekday.

New Years Eve and Day Good Friday
Memorial Day Independence Day (USA)
Labor Day Thanksgiving and the Day After
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day  

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I don't see an item on your website, would you be able to produce it for me?

To inquire about the availability of a special order item, please contact the office via phone or email. We are able to accomodate most special order requests for mill products. Please be aware that for special orders we require a 75% down payment of the estimated cost of the item before we begin production, and once production has begun we will be unable to cancel, alter, or amend the order in any way. These items are made to order, are non-returnable, non-refundable and non-cancelable.

Casting Services are not offered by G&S Metals and Refiners, we do suggest you contact your local school of the arts or guild you your area for local casters. 

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