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Gold scrap refining has stolen the lime light or rather the golden light recently as gold's value has soared. G&S Metals and Refiners has been a refiner of karat gold scrap since 1954, well before the $1,000 gold price per ounce barrier was surpassed and that experience has stayed with us, even as the cost of gold waxes and wanes. We remain the premier precious metals refiner for south eastern Michigan, and extend the same great service to all of our customers, regardless of their distance.

With our proven track record of honesty and integrity, the simplest accountability structure that doesn't rely on hidden fees to reduce overall payouts, and with our scheduled one hour turn around on karat solids, we extend the same great service we've been known for since our opening in 1954.

NEW Changes in Refining: G&S will only process clean filings, call the office prior to shipping.  G&S Metals and Refiners does NOT refine the following. 

If you want to ship your gold scrap refining to us, please follow our tips on packaging your scrap for shipment and include a refining shipping form with each batch of refining. For karat gold scrap we also have an estimated insurance value calculator to reduce the guessing involved in adding insurance to your shipment. If you are unfamiliar with pennyweights (dwt) feel free to use our weight converter.

Our refining accountability for refining gold is detailed in the below table:



Weight Minimum


based on assay results

Refining Fee

Results and Payout In



Karat Solids Over 1,000 dwt  97% NONE   1 to 3 Business Days
500 dwt to 999 dwt  97% NONE
300 dwt to 499 dwt  96% NONE
50 dwt to 299 dwt  95% NONE
Under 49 dwt   95% $50
Coins & Bars 24K Bars  95% NONE   1 to 3 Business Days
24K Coins  95% NONE
Karat Dental Karat Dental Gold Over 50 dwt  95% NONE   7 to 14 Business Days
Karat Dental Gold Under 50 dwt  95% $50
 Yellow Gold Filled Gold Filled 250 dwt  85% NONE
XRF Assay on solids material Smaller batches of karat solids can be refined for additional refining fees

If you have any questions regarding your scrap, please call G&S Metals Inc. for clarification. There is no refining fee for clean karat, dental or silver scrap, please see our refining fees table for weight minimums.

Please note that accountability is based off gross weight. Batches received the same day are processed as one batch. 

Setting up an appointment? For security reasons, please call 24 hours prior to dropping off your material and for scheduling a 1 hour turnaround. 

G&S Metals and Refiners is not responsible for any lost, stolen or missing shipped packages. G&S Metals is not responsible for shipping costs associated with returning shipped material received that cannot be refined by G&S, remove metallic material prior to shipping. Please call the office prior to shipping ANY material not listed on the refining shipping form. Visit the web site for any updates in refining. Not sure? Please call the office prior to shipping.

Settlement options:

  • Pay your bills

  • Sell your gold

  • Take your gold back

  • It's your decision!

  • Credit Account for a 2% discount on purchases

  • Any combination of the options listed above.