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How to Order Findings On Our New Site

1)      What product do you need? Findings? Metals? Casting Grain?

Let’s say you need a Setting, one of our very popular 88 series Step Bezels!

2)      Select Findings from the top drop down menu for the category

3)      Select Settings

How To #2

4)      This opens up a new window with all G&S Metals Settings!

  1. Scroll down and find the type of setting you need

5)      Select Bezel Setting

6)      This opens a page for ALL our Bezel Settings.

 How to #6


7)      Select the Style, use the Drop Down menu to choose the Style of Bezel Setting you need.

 How to #7

8)      Your are looking for a Step Bezel, choose your Style option from the drop down menu.

 How to #8

9)      Next, Select the Quality from the drop down menu. In this example, you want 14 Karat.


10)   Select your Color from the drop down menu:


11)   Select your Size from the drop down menu:


Almost there!

12)   Add your Quantity of number of pieces needed, you need 4 pcs!


13)   Select the ADD TO CART button

 Add to Cart

When your order is completed, Select the Proceed to Checkout Button.


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