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Thank you for your interest in G&S Metals for your precious metals refining needs. G&S Metals and Refiners has offered refining services since we were founded in 1954. With a proven track record of integrity and reliability in refining returns, many of our customers frequently recommend us to anyone they know is in need of an honest precious metals refiner.

In order to help you start refining your precious metals scrap with G&S Metals and Refiners we have compiled the following steps to get you started!

  1. If you aren't currently registered as a customer with G&S Metals and Refiners, please take the time to fill out a Refining Registration form. If you already have an account with G&S Metals and Refiners there's no need to re-register! Use this link if you forgot your login or password.
  2. Once you've registered as a customer, please follow our directions on packaging your scrap for shipment
  3. Remember to include a completed refining shipping form with each batch of refining.
  4. Remove your jewelry from small individual bags, combine in a large bag. You do not need to separate by karat. Keep gold filled separate. We do not refine plated material. Keep Gold and Silver batches separate.  
  5. Send in your refining to P.O. Box 1432 in Ann Arbor, MI, 48106 if shipping via mail. We do suggest to double bag your all refining, package in a strong study box, use packaging material to keep your shipment from rattling and for additional security. For added security, include a signature required, tracking number and shipping notices from your shipping provider.   If using FedEx or UPS, please contact us for further instructions.

We also have helpful information to help keep your refining as efficient as possible by separating your scrap, monitoring when to refine your precious metal scrap, as well as information on what we do and do not refine. G&S Metals and Refiners does NOT refine the following

Again, we thank you for your interest in G&S Metals and Refiners as the answer to your refining needs, if you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to refining your precious metals!

If you have any questions regarding your scrap, please call G&S Metals Inc. for clarification. There is no refining fee for clean karat, dental solids or silver scrap, please see our refining fees table for weight minimums.

Settlement options:

  • Pay your bills

  • Sell your gold

  • Take your gold back

  • It's your decision!

  • Credit Account for a 2% discount on purchases

  • Any combination of the options listed above. 

G&S Metals and Refiners is not responsible for any lost, stolen or missing shipped packages. G&S Metals is not responsible for shipping costs associated with returning shipped material received that cannot be refined by G&S. Please call the office prior to shipping ANY material not listed on the refining shipping form. Visit the web site for any updates in refining. Not sure? Please call the office prior to shipping.