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Separating Your Scrap

Four Examples of Seperated ScrapMetal separation is to your advantage. Use the following as a guide. See our Refining Table  for additional information.
  • Karat Filings: This group includes filings, grindings and snips. For quicker processing, keep excessive wax materials out of your scrap.
  • Karat Solids: All karats and colors of gold may be combined for gold refining.
  • Dental Gold: Keep separate.
  • Palladium: All scrap containing Palladium.
  • Polishings and Sweeps:This includes emery, floor sweeps, filters and paper towels. (3 lb. miniumum) 
  • Platinum: All scrap containing platinum.
  • Yellow Gold Filled: May be combined with solid gold scrap.
  • Silver: Silver scrap may include Argentium®, Sterling Silver, Fine Silver.

                   Silver Filled and should be kept separate from other metals.

                  Combined silver and gold scrap should be included with your gold groups.

  • Watch Batteries:In order to get credit for watch batteries, they must be packaged separately.
    • We Buy Silver Oxide Batteries, under 3 lbs. Call G&S for Current Pricing.