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Silver Scrap Refining with G&S Metals and Refiners


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G&S Metals and Refiners has been refining silver scrap jewelry, silverware, silver bullion, and dental silver scrap for decades. G&S Metals and Refiners uses the pure silver generated from our refining in our products, and our refined silver ends up in our wire, flat sheet, casting grain, and of course our one troy ounce fine silver  bars stamped with the G&S Metals logo.

When refining your silver scrap with G&S Metals remember that you can always use your refining proceeds on purchasing new metal and save an additional 2% on your order!

The below table outlines our refining accountability for silver. When preparing your silver scrap refining for shipment into G&S Metals please fill out and include a Refining Shipping Form and follow our tips on Packaging your Scrap for Shipment. If you are unfamiliar with troy ounces (T.O.) feel free to use our weight converter.



Weight Minimum


based on assay results

Refining Fee

Results and Payout In



Solids  Sterling Silver  10 T.O.  90%  NONE  10-14 Business Days- Fire Assay 5 additional business days
 Argentium® Silver  10 T.O.  90%  NONE
 Fine Silver  10 T.O.  90%  NONE
 Over 500 Troy Ounces*  95%  NONE
 Under 10 Troy Ounces  80% $50
 Silver Filled  12.5 T.O.  90%  NONE
Dental  Karat Dental Solids - Silver  with karat dental  80%  NONE
Coins & Bars  Silver Bars  95%  NONE  10-14 Business Days
 Silver Coins  95%  NONE
XRF Assay on solids material *large batches will be Fire Assayed

XRF (X-ray fluorescence) is a non-destructive analytical technique used to determine the elemental composition of materialsXRF (X-ray fluorescence) is a non-destructive analytical technique used to determine the elemental composition of materials. This technique gives you the quickest results and is excellent for qualitative anaylysis. 

Fire Assaying is an ancient and time-honored Art/Science which determines the precious metal content in ores, metallics, solutions and all other materials bearing Gold and Silver. 

If you have any questions regarding your scrap, please call G&S Metals Inc. for clarification. There is no refining fee for clean karat solids, dental solids or silver scrap, please see our refining fees table for weight minimums.

Settlement options:

  • Pay your bills

  • Sell your gold

  • Take your gold back

  • It's your decision!

  • Credit Account for a 2% discount on purchases

  • Any combination of the options listed above.