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G&S Metals are proud to publish the following testimonials from Jewelers,
Jewelry Designers and Jewelry Instructors. 
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Gold and amethyst earrings



Argentium Silver Necklace with Amethyst and Topaz by Bonya's



Platinum and 18K yellow gold
Austin & Warburton Jewelers

 Danielle Reneé 4

Argentium Silver
Danielle Reneé Jewelry



Argentium® Silver Bracelet
J. L. Gohn Jewelers



Argentium Silver Bracelet
Grinstein Jewelry


Grinstein 2

Argentium Silver Tiara
Grinstein Jewelry



Urban Jewelers



14K White Gold Ring
David Wachler & Sons


Miners Den

14K Extra White Gold Casting Grain
Pendant by Miner's Den



 Maloof Jewelry & Gifts




Gold Wire with Amethyest Earrings 

Gold wire with Amethyst gemstone earrings

The gold wire was delivered on-time and just completed my pair of earrings. They are gorgeous with the Amethyst gemstones dangling on the French wire.

You guys at G&S Metals rock!!!! You see to it your customers/clients are satisfied and happy with your merchandise and services.

Kind regards,


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Austin and Warburton

G&S Metals has become an integral partner in Austin and Warburton's quality and service. The images below are of award winning pieces that have all been built with metal and findings from G&S Metals.


   18K White Necklace



18K white gold necklace featuring a 2.43 ct. pink Sapphire, a 1.16 ct. Alexandrite, a 0.91 ct. yellow Sapphire and Diamonds (2.94 ctw). 






Platinum and 18k yellow gold ring, set with a matching fancy-cut set of tanzanite (1.66ct) and rubellite tourmaline (1.38ct), and eight square yellow sapphires equaling 0.76cts.




This award winning bracelet is a combination of platinum and 18k yellow gold



 This award winning bracelet is a combination of platinum and 18k yellow gold with a 1.93 ct. emerald cut chrome tourmaline, 0.11 ct. total weight round diamonds accents (four pieces), 2.10 ct. total weight cabochon top square rubies (fourteen pieces), and 0.92 ct. total weight triangle pink sapphires (three pieces). The gross weight of the bracelet is 32.8 dwt (Right)






Rainbow pendant manufactured out of platinum and 18k yellow gold with a 1.92 ct. fancy triangle tanzanite and a 1.66 ct. fancy triangle amethyst set at either end of the pendant. The pendant is mostly constructed of a hollow twisted platinum tube pavé set with 1.5 mm round amethyst, ruby, pink sapphire, citrine, emerald, peridot, and sapphire. (Left)



14K Rose



This piece is 14k rose gold, 0.99 ct, E VS1 center and 8 at 0.96 ct. in the sides (also E VS1). Designed and manufactured by Brenda Warburton (Right)






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I just had to write to you folks to tell you that I think G&S Gold is fantastic. I am always amazed at how quickly my order arrives. The packaging is great and I've not had a problem with any of my orders. I recommend G&S Metals to everyone who'll listen to me; I just think you guys are great! Katie Mullins at Bonya's.


Bonya's specialize in unique handcrafted Argentium® Sterling Silver Jewelry. All the semi-precious gemstones used are hand selected for their quality and beauty

Box Chain Argentium® Silver Earrings



Box Chain Argentium® Silver Earrings

European 4-in-1




European 4-in-1 Argentium® Silver Necklace with Amethyst and Topaz





Byzantine Chakra Argentium® Silver Bracelet




Byzantine Chakra Argentium® Silver Bracelet





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Jewelry By Danielle Reneé

I have been using Argentium® sterling silver in my designs for over a year now and will never use anything else. I absolutely love it and so do my customers. I am grateful to G&S for their fine products and excellent customer service. Thank you G&S, Danielle Renee Mullen.


Sea Glass Jewelry using Argentium®

Byzantine Chakra Argentium® Silver Bracelet



Byzantine Chakra Argentium® Silver Bracelet

Sea Glass Jewelry using Argentium® Silver                   


Argentium® Silver NecklaceArgentium® Silver Necklace with Amethyst and Topaz


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J. L. Gohn Jwewlry in Argentium™ Silver

Jeweler J. L. Gohn uses Argentium® from G&S Metals to form his intricate and beautiful designs.

Argentium™ silver is a new sterling silver that resists tarnish for up to several years.


 Argentium® Silver Slave BraceletArgentium® Silver Slave Bracelet


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Grinstein Jewelry in Argentium® Silver

 Argentium® Silver Tiara with Diamonds and Pearls Argentium® Silver Bracelet


Argentium® Silver Tiara with Diamonds and Pearls (Right)

Argentium® Silver Bracelet (Left)





Grinstein 5


 Grinstein 3

In conjunction with the PSD-sponsored Birmingham Fall Trunk Show, Grinstein Jewelry and Design held a trunk show to introduce their new collection of jewelry made from Argentium® silver.



 Argentium® is a new sterling silver that resists tarnish for up to several years. The collection featured classic Grinstein designs and many brand new designs, all created at the in-store studio.Grinstein 6Grinstein 4

For more information on these pieces of jewelry call Richard Grinstein or Annie Charters at (248) 647-4414.

 Grinstein Jewelry & Design is a custom design jewelry studio located in Birmingham, Michigan. Designs by goldsmith Richard Grinstein, are created from platinum, gold, and sterling silver. They work with unusual colored gemstones and exceptionally beautiful diamonds.





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Mark Urban of Urban Jewelers

Urban Jewelers is known for their unique designs and have been in the custom jewelry business for generations.

Mark and Cheryl work as a team to bring your visions to reality and give you the service you enjoy.Urban 1

Mark writes articles on jewelry, metals and stones for their local newspaper and shares the following information with you.

Pure 24-karat gold is too soft to be used to make jewelry, and it must be alloyed with other metals to increase its hardness. At the same time, alloying allows gold to be modified from its natural yellow hue to other lovely shades of color.

We rely on G&S Metals for color and consistency. For instance, by combining gold with small amounts of copper, pink gold is created. Rose gold casting grain, as it is otherwise known, is again back in fashion because its rich pink hue goes with virtually everything. Start with pink diamonds, topaz, and sapphire and run the gamut of red gemstones from rubies and pyrope to almandine and rubellite. Rose gold exudes a wonderfully warm glow that casts many gold pieces in their best light.

Gold of any color has the ability to catch your eye and change your outlook. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you wear gold. You'll also find that the gems and jewels at Urban Jewelers have a similar ability to demand attention.


Urban 4

Urban 3Urban 2

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Linc Wachler Designs

Linc Wachler, is an international award winning jeweler. Link's credits cover a wide array of contests ranging from the 12th International Pearl Design Contest in London in 1984 to the Grand Prize in the 1998 Vision Awards and 2nd place in Link 1the North America Tahitian Pearl Trophy Contest in 2000 and 2005.

His expertise is in design and wax carving. Link's forte is in Platinum Casting using G&S Metals 90% Platinum, 10% Iridium grain and 18K gold casting grain. He carves his waxes from a meticulous sketch. His expertise is in design and wax carving. Link's forte is in Platinum Casting using G&S Metals 90% Platinum, 10% Iridium grain and 18K gold casting grain. He carves his waxes from a meticulous sketch.

Proven Techniques: When casting use heavy sprues. Sprue at the heaviest part of the wax so Platinum flows from heaviest to thinnest part of piece being cast.

Tips from a successful Platinum Castor:
Linc does a lot of Platinum Casting and his advice is to finish waxes as clean and smooth as possible to make clean-up efficient. He relies on G&S Metals Platinum Casting Grain for successful castings.

Mistakes to Avoid:
Not educating oneself on how to work the metal. Platinum has its own characteristics and is very different than gold.


 Link 2  Tanzanite & Platinum Link 3

Link 4




Link 514K White Gold Ring With Faceted Tahitian Pearl, Rubies and Diamonds designed by Linc Wachler. This ring won Tahitian Pearl Trophy North American Division 2005 - 3rd place. (Right)




Gold and Pearls (Left) 


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Miner's Den

Miner’s Den cast this beautiful piece using 14K Extra White Gold (14WXCG Casting Grain from G&S Metals. The casting was problem free using a torch. There is no porosity, it puddled well and needs no rhodium plating. This is a new and exciting casting grain that has eliminated Rhodium Plating. Miner’s Den can be contacted at: 248-585-6950 or by email:




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Maloof Jewelry and Gifts, MichiganMaloof


Maloof Jewelry & Gifts has been a trusted and respected name in the jewelry business for over 60 years. For the past 25 years we have been located on Harper Avenue St. Clair Shores, Michigan, where we continue to serve a new generation of families for their jewelry and diamond needs.

Our reputation, service, and incredible selection of merchandise undoubtedly make us one of Michigan's foremost single independent stores. Just as many have put their trust and confidence in Maloof, we have put our trust and confidence in G&S Metals of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

All of our precious metal needs as well as refining are always handled by G&S Metals. Throughout the years, many other companies have approached us for our business and the best answer I can give them is that we trust G&S Metals totally, and with their excellent service why would we want to go elsewhere?

Now that we are into a new Millennium, companies must make changes to better serve their customers, and both Maloof Jewelry & Gifts and G&S Metals recognize this and have taken steps in this direction.


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