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G&S Metals Gold Filled Facts

With the launch of our Rose Gold filled mill products and with our full line of Yellow Gold Filled mill products and findings, questions have been asked and G&S Metals would like to give you some answers! What is gold filled? Is it gold plated? What is it’s working characteristics? What does the terminology used mean? What other gold filled products will we carry?

What is Gold Filled?

Yellow and Rose Gold Filled Milled Products.
Yellow and Rose Gold Filled Milled Products.

What does Gold Filled mean? Gold filled is 5% 14K  gold bonded to a base metal core through heat and pressure. This results in a more cost-conscious material than solid 14K gold while maintaining fabricating and soldering attributes. Gold filled should not be confused with gold plated, which has a very thin, layer of gold. Where as gold filled has a much thicker layer of gold, making it more durable, easy to work with and a long lasting beautiful look.

Is Gold Filled 14 Karat?

No, it is not 14 Karat Gold but does have a layer of  1/20th 14 Karat. G&S Metals’ gold filled products are 14 Karat Gold clad onto a base metal core designed to exhibit characteristics similar to 14 Karat. Our gold filled material share the workability characteristics of 14 Karat, while offering tremendous cost-saving to you and your customers. Of course the most important feature of gold filled is the appearance which remains similar to 14 Karat, as the precious metal.

What is the Gold content in Gold Filled?

When dealing with Gold Filled material you’ll often see the terms “1/20 Gold Filled” or “14/20 Gold Filled” these phrases indicate the percent of material (by weight) that is precious metal. In both of these examples, the material is 5% (by weight) precious metal. The term “14/20” gold filled indicates that the precious metal content is 14 Karat, not that 70% of the product weight is precious metal.

All of G&S Metals gold filled products are 14/20 Gold Filled.

Rose Gold Filled Flat Sheet, Round, half round and square wire
Rose Gold Filled Flat Sheet, Round, half round and square wire

What Color is Gold Filled available in?

G&S Metals now carries both Yellow Gold Filled and Rose Gold Filled Milled Products and an expanding assortment of findings.

Our Rose Gold Filled Milled products are selling beyond our expectations. Our jewelers using Rose Gold Filled have told us that is it out selling the yellow gold filled and their customers LOVE it! Try changing to Rose Gold Filled on some of your next projects, adding warmth and an updated look to your current jewelry line.

Not to say our Yellow Gold Filled products have fallen by the way side! They are as popular as ever!

How Can I use Gold Filled?

Gold filled sheet is popular with most of our current jewelers. Gold filled sheet is popular with our jewelers, stamping discs and bar shapes, and adding additional personalized stampings or just keeping a beautiful polished look. Gold filled is also great for making cuff bracelets and earrings! Small gauge round and square wires are perfect for wire wrapping, jump rings, and finishing work.  Mixing yellow and rose gold filled with silver creates a stunning look! Use a hammered or distressed  finish that adds texture.

Tip: Our gold filled materials are designed to work with our 14 Karat paste solder.


Plans Moving Forward

G&S product line for gold filled continues to expand!

New! ! Rose Gold Filled Head Pins, Rose Gold Filled Kidney Wires, Rose Gold Filled Ball Earrings, Rose Gold Filled Jump Rings, Rose and Yellow Gold Filled Eye Pins, Yellow Gold Filled U-Threader Earrings.

We have more New Products in development!

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