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Give the ‘Gift of Ease’ this Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, thank mom for all of her hard work by ensuring her favorite pieces of jewelry can be worn with ease! With G&S Metals Products, you can easily replace the clasps, earring backs, and ring shanks on her most treasured jewelry!


Adjusto® and Finger Fit® ring shanks provide quick relief from difficult to remove rings due to arthritis or swelling. The Adjusto® ring shanks are continuously adjustable, and the Finger Fit® ring shanks securely lock into place, so mom won’t have to worry!


Magnetic clasps are an easy way to eliminate her frustration with tiny clasps. G&S Metals carries several styles of magnetic clasps, which securely snap together without the need to fiddle with clasps (please be aware that magnets may alter functionality of implanted medical devices, consult a physician for more information.)

Toggle clasps are another option to eliminate mom’s frustration. G&S Metals’ toggle clasps are available in 14 Karat or Yellow Gold Filled material.

Double push lock lobster clasps eliminate the need to find the “right” side of a lobster to release the clasp. Our range of large figure 8 lobster clasps is another true problem solver.



Moms’ earrings are one of the easiest ways to give the ‘gift of ease’ this mother’s day. Our jumbo ear nuts fit standard friction ear posts. They are larger and easier to wear.

If you are planning on setting your mothers’ favorite gemstones into earrings, our leverback earrings eliminate the need for earring backs, and will secure moms’ favorite gemstones and dangle earrings with comfort and ease!

G&S also carries rubber sleeve stoppers, an inexpensive way to secure our ear wires without sacrificing comfort.


As you can see, with G&S Metals it is easy to give mom’s favorite jewelry the ‘gift of ease’. When giving the ‘gift of ease’ consider checking jewelry for loose stones. Happy Mother’s Day!