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Adding to your order with G&S Metals

Adding to an Order? No Problem, No Fee!

Adding to your order is free with G&S Metals

At G&S Metals and Refiners you can alter, add to, or modify your order at any time prior to the package physically leaving our location at NO FEE!  We understand that our customers may need to add an item or two to their order! Just as you go the extra mile for your customers, G&S Metals and Refiners will go the extra mile for you with no additional charges or fees.

As part of our commitment to providing you with the service you deserve, we combine shipments for you when you have multiple orders on the same shipping day. This way you receive everything you’ve ordered in one package: one shipping price!

Additionally G&S Metals and Refiners does not charge for shipping on back orders. All back ordered items are shipped via our “Best Way” shipping method at no additional charge to you. If you’d like to select an expedited service for back orders you can contact the office, and we’ll gladly expedite the package to the method of your choice.