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G&S Metals New Silver Solder Paste!

silver-solder-paste-1aG&S Metals and Refiners introduces our new Silver Solder Paste!  We carry three different silver solder paste products: our easy, medium, and hard.  Each of our silver solder paste products come ready to use in a  ½ troy ounce syringe, and include two interchangeable tips for finer soldering. The table at the end of this blog post has the liquidus temperatures for all three silver solder pastes products.

G&S Metals and Refiners sells a silver solder paste kit containing ¼ troy ounce syringes of each of our three silver solder paste products. This gives you the opportunity to make a smaller investment to discover which silver solder paste best fits your needs. Click here to add these new products to your cart today!

Liquidis Temperature


Easy Flow 1325°F
Medium Flow 1360°F
Hard Flow 1450°F