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Scrap Silver $$$ Counts

For many silver is synonymous with a second place finish, but not with G&S Metals and Refiners!

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Refining your silver scrap with G&S Metals is a first place winner! We approach silver refining with the same integrity and honesty which we give to all our refining.

We refine:

  • sterling jewelry that’s outdated and unwanted
  • Silver flatware that is too beat up to use
  • Holloware such as candlestick holders
  • Silver filled items
  • Dental silver
  • Silver scrap
  • Silver trimmings from your jeweler’s bench
  • Oxide watch batteries

    The pure silver recovered from our refining process is used in the manufacturing of our argentium®, sterling silver, and fine silver products. Ensuring that our silver products are eco-friendly.

    We invite you to watch our video for a glimpse into our silver refining process as we cast molten silver into a silver ingot, one of the first steps in our eco-friendly silver recycling.

    The silver ingots are refined into 99.9% pure silver. This pure silver may be alloyed into sterling silver, or argentium® silver. It is then used to manufacture our:

  • Wires
  • Sheet
  • Bezel Strip
  • Casting Grain
  • Findings
  • Make your silver scrap count! Send your silver scrap to G&S Metals for refining, save 2% on your order, credit your account, or receive $$$.