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Argentium® Workshop with Ronda Coryell

The G&S Metals sponsored Argentium® workshop with Ronda Coryell was a huge success!  In order to share the experience of working with Argentium®; “a higher karat sterling silver,”  video clips of the workshop can be viewed on the new G&S Youtube channel!


G&S Metals would like to extend it’s appreciation to the attending students,  Fritz and Friends, and Ronda Coryell. The students were surprised at how easy it was to work with Argentium® (a higher karat sterling silver!) Visit G&S Metals to place your order.

The images below are from the G&S Metals sponsored workshop, and feature finished pieces created by the students using fusing (not soldering!) Several students successfully fused 18K gold to the Argentium® while others added a patina for an equally dramatic effect.



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