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Casting Grain: Argentium® 960 Pro and Argentium® 935 Pro

Argentium Pro Casting Grain

Argentium® silver casting grains give you the versatility you expect! Argentium® casting grains are produced in four distinct alloys, each to provide you with casting luxurious jewelry and silverware products. G&S Metals and Refiners stocks Argentium® Professional Casting Grain, Argentium® 960 Pro and Argentium® 935 Pro. Argentium® Casting Grain Argentium® Professional Casting Grain Argentium® Pro casting alloys […]

The Merit of Metals – Platinum

March 22nd, 2016
Platinum, Refining, Useful Information
The Merit of Metals - Platinum

Platinum is a recent addition to the hierarchy of precious metals, having been rediscovered circa the 17th century. Today, platinum is not only prominent in the jewelry and automotive industries, but can also be found in essential platinum-based medicines used for the treatment of certain cancers!

The Merit of Metals – Silver

February 9th, 2016
Argentium®, Silver, Useful Information
The Merits of Metal - Silver

The importance of silver coins and bullion as trade instruments consistently allowed entities with access to silver mines to gain predominance over their neighbors. Silver was the engine propelling history’s empires, and even in today’s jewelry industry the importance of silver can’t be understated as a plurality of jewelers say that silver jewelry provides their […]

The Merit of Metals – Gold


Gold has been the standard symbol of beauty and wealth for the entirety of recorded history; gold jewelry has been uncovered from burial sites dating back to 4600 BCE. Gold jewelry even predates the invention of the wheel in Mesopotamia c. 3900 BCE.